Get back the metadata about an product (Product URL) with this endpoint.


Authorization Header

You must add authorization headers to this request. Please see the Authorization section for further details.


Rate Limit

This endpoint has a rate limit of 1 query per second. If you exceed the limit, a 403 response will be returned indicating the limit has been exceeded.

Simply provide the URL to the product page of a retailer, and we'll return all discovered metadata from the page including price, keyword and image URL.

merchantNameName of the merchant associated with the URL. This isn't always the merchant selling the product on page. For example, Levi's jeans sold at Nordstrom would return a merchantName of Nordstrom, not Levi's.
canonicalUrlThe search engine friendly URL that search engines treat as authoritative. It excludes any additional parameters, such as marketing parameters that are not required to return the page requested.
canonicalDomainThe TLD domain returned from the canonicalUrl
titleProduct title
upcUPC code, if available on page
skuMerchant-specific SKU
urlProduct URL requested
priceLowest price advertised for the product on page
brandNameProduct brand
descriptionProduct description
imageUrlProduct image
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