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Registration Required

The Sovrn Commerce Coupon API is a closed API provided by our network partner. This API allows you to access Coupon and Deal feeds for merchants that you are promoting on your site. Sovrn Commerce will request approval on your behalf, and a review of your site could take 3-5 business days.

Please visit our Coupon Onboarding Guide for Commerce to get started.


Authorization Header

You must add authorization headers to this request. Please see the Authorization section for further details.

This API is rate limited and coupons are updated daily. The suggested usage is to perform a daily export of the data to be ingested into your own system.

CategoryCategory of merchandise the merchant sells.
RatingDeal Ratings are assigned to every offer. They can be used to aid in the placement of coupons and deals on your merchant pages based on offer value and potential of customer appeal. Ratings start at 1 (lowest value) and higher is better.
PrimaryCountryThe country the merchant is primarily targeting.
ShipToCountriesThe country or countries the merchant will ship to. Country name, comma delimited.

Q: How can I test this in my web browser?
A: You can download a browser extension called mod header here:


The extension allows you to add a secret key to your request. Under the "Value" section in the plugin, paste "secret 1234abcd" without quotes, and replace the 1234abcd with one of the secret keys from your Sovrn account. You can find your secret key in your site settings page:


Now you can test the API by making a request with your web browser.

When you are done testing be sure to disable the mod header extension as it can interfere with browsing websites.

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