The Merchant API let’s you determine approval status and access estimated commission rates for a merchant.


Authorization Header

You must add authorization headers to this request. Please see the Authorization section for further details.


All merchant API requests start with “”

Rate Limit

Your calls will be limited to 1 query per 3 seconds. If you exceed our rate limit your queries will be throttled and you will get no response.

Individual Merchant Query:

To query a single merchant, add the merchant ID to the path of the url.{merchantId}

Sample call:

curl -i -X GET    -H "Authorization:secret {SECRET KEY}"'
url = ""

headers = {
  Authorization: "secret <secret key>"

response = HTTParty.get(url, headers: headers)

Response Fields

idSovrn Commerce specific unique identifier25700
namename of the
updateDatelast date the merchant program was updated in system2015-03-11
createDatedate the merchant was created in the system2011-09-23
insiderincreased commission rate as part of the Insider Programfalse
industryTypesmerchant vertical classification[{"code"=>"SF", "name"=>"Sports & Fitness"}]
affiliateCPACPA programfalse
affiliateCPCCPC programtrue
approvedcan your campaign earn money on this merchant programtrue
domainsdomains["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]
countriesa comma separated string of the two letter country codes where this merchant accepts trafficus,ca,uk
merchantSensitiveTypesclassification of publishers that this merchant doesn’t work withNon CPC
ratesan array of the commission rate information, can return different levels of commission, cpc rates, cpa rates, etc... For some merchants we will display a calculated commission rate. This is the average commission rate earned by our publishers for this particular merchant.{"min"=>6.0, "max"=>6.0, "type"=>"%", "description"=>"commission(US)", "typeName"=>"%"}
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